Why do I love tennis?

Why do I love tennis? Or sport in general? This is the best description that I can give.

I believe the following to be true, “Anybody can move a chess piece, but only a select handful can move their chess pieces in the symphony of offensive, defensive, and neutralizing positions that would lead to becoming a grand-master.”

How then, can something so complex come from a finite space, with each piece limited in its scope?

Because of the complexity of each human being, each move is not only calculated according to a mathematical logarithm, but is instead a representation of the human making the move himself. Decisions are washed with fear, blinded by overconfidence, inspired by genius, made with excessive haste, mired in indecision. We would be very bored watching two computers make moves against one another, because deep down we are interested in much more, the story.

We need to see the fear that we too feel, we need to see it overcome, we need to know we can bounce back from mistakes, and that even the greatest are fallible. We need to see the greats fall, reminding us that every problem in our own lives, has an elegant solution that we just need to find. We need to see complete abandon and freedom, and that moment of purity in the eyes of the athlete, where we understand what this magnificent instrument that we have all been given is capable of when it is unleashed.


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