Playing against an aggressive baseliner is never easy. They cover the court very well, and always look for opportunity to attack. The best way to beat them is hitting ball deep into the court, varying the height and spin of your balls, and bringing them to the net using good drop shots.

Here are some of the guidelines for playing successfully against the AGRESSIVE BASELINER if you are a COUNTERPUNCHER:

1. Be patient and consistent (be ready to be out there longer than normal)

2. Mix up the pace ( you need to keep your risk profile down and build your point to get the right chance to attack, using low slice, high above the shoulder ball, and other types of variety)

3. Make them generate their own pace

4. Depth is key, pushing them back opens up the angles, meaning you can create more space to eventually attack into)

5. Change of direction down the line off the crosscourt pattern. You want to make sure this shot is grooved and you have a number of methods to break the crosscourt pattern:

  • On the rise redirect
  • Absorb and redirect
  • Different height, spin speed and contact point
  • Out of the air
  • Low slice

6. Look to make them play in parts of the court where they are not comfortable ( normally at the net)

7. Keep the ball out of the strike zone, (high and heavy or low and short)

8. Half X - deep crosscourt to short angle

9. Slow down the pace of the match, normally they like to play at a higher tempo

I hope this helps you with your preparation, and Thanks to the USTA for putting together these fantastic guidelines.

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